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Banks and their shady reporting habits

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Re: Banks and their shady reporting habits

more they report = lower your credit score = more subprime practices they can enforce. Regardless a GE card is a store card, and should be used at a minimum.



mmmagique wrote:

Duncanrr wrote:
ive had the card for a month and Walmart already did this to me. I had to call them to release available credit. I think I'll only use card in first two weeks of billing cycle and then send in payment. I don't trust them. Are all GE cards like this?

It's been my experience that they are. They *really* want to report a balance. I have no idea why. 


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Re: Banks and their shady reporting habits

From my experience once I get a new credit card the creditor reports it in about 2 weeks. Payments get reported on the same day every month regardless if I PIF or carry a balance. For my personal loan it took 1.5 months before it first got reported and then it hasn't been consistent on reporting when I make a payment, it reported on June, August and so far I am waiting. IMO, I see no reason for the creditors to report faster than usual if you charge a high balance or PIF, reports should be once a month and consistant.

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Re: Banks and their shady reporting habits

I think they do it to lower your score because a lower score equals more reasons to increase rates or aa.....
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