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Banks get upset when you PC out of AF?


Re: Banks get upset when you PC out of AF?

I appreciate that. Thank you.
I got some cards with some credit limits. Some are better than others.
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Re: Banks get upset when you PC out of AF?

CreditScholar wrote:

I'll be the lone dissenter here and say be wary of these peoples' advice regarding "who cares".


I don't think that lenders will blacklist you for cancelling an AF card after 11 months, or if you PC to a non-AF version. However many banks will have a relationship score, in which the depth of your relationship with them is measured. Included can be how much you have in accounts with them, loans, credit cards and overall profitability. If your score tanks too much, you may not catch as many breaks in the future as someone with a higher score has. This doesn't have to alter your action on this particular instance, but be aware that they track literally everything and have extremely long memories. Doing things they see as unfavourable may have consequences down the road.


There aren't that many big lenders in the rewards area (perhaps 4-5), so writing them off unecessarily is a bigger deal than others make it out to be. If you get a job which requires you to stay in hotels often and your company chooses Marriott, you might be hurting if Chase has closed its doors to you.


Yes banks are out to make money, and they don't care much about you beyond that. This much is true. However just think twice before doing something that might end up burning a bridge. There aren't that many bridges in the financial world, and there will be even less over time as mergers, consolidations, acquisitions and takeovers continue to reduce the playing field. Losing access to even one lender may reduce the amount of cards you have access to by up to 1/3 now and also in the future.

+1 to this.

CreditScholar has made some very good points. However, don't let it dissuade you from PCing your AF card to a non-AF though.

It is PERFECTLY FINE to do it. It becomes a problem only when there's an obvious sign of abuse such as you doing this repeatedly with same and/or different cards with the same lender. Let your common sense guide you on this. From what I saw in your 1st post, you seem to trying to PC 1 card from each different banks. You will be fine. 

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