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Barclay Apple Rewards Visa

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Barclay Apple Rewards Visa

I just got my replacement Apple Rewards Visa in yesterday's mail as the old one expires next month. I guess it's save to say that Barclay and Apple are going to keep this card running for a little bit longer. 



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Re: Barclay Apple Rewards Visa

Or they are just teasing youSmiley Wink

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Re: Barclay Apple Rewards Visa

No surprise that Apple is slowly killing the Barclays cards.  As of today, financing is supposedly no longer available with the card for new customers.  However, Barclays seems to have responded that existing cardholders can still qualify for some financing offers.


Apple kills off Barclays Credit Card financing in favor of Apple Card 

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Re: Barclay Apple Rewards Visa

Seems like a logical next step for them at about 12 months after their own card through GS launched.

With them driving more and more through their they announced they own Fitness+ app with a monthly fee to view workouts on your phone and a new "Apple One" Plan for their combination of streaming/cloud services....keeping more within their org and getting selective with partners makes sense.


Sorry your Barclay card won't have much value in the future.

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