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Barclay Bank/Juniper MC - They are Nuts

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Re: Barclay Bank/Juniper MC - They are Nuts

creditwherecreditisdue wrote:

HSBC is famous for closing cards without notice. Of course CompUSA was closed because they went out of business. Not much to be done about that! Why did they close Best Buy on you? Remember to use your new HSBC card once per quarter so you don't have that one closed for disuse.


The Comp USA card was closed about a year before that chain went out of business, so I'm sure that closure was due to non-usage as I had only used it once, and that was about 2 years before the account was closed.  Best Buy, that one was due to non-usage (I tried to charge a purchase to that card, got denied, and had to call HSBC at that time to find out what happened).  I wouldn't have minded it if they had sent me some sort of notice (e.g. a letter) when they made a decision like that, but the fact that they didn't, and made me waste my time and go through that embarrassment, that ticked me off.  But anyway, yes, I will definitely use the HSBC MC on a regular basis.

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