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Barclay Black Metal Card

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Re: Barclay Black Metal Card

enharu wrote:

longtimelurker wrote:

visorboy1974 wrote:

As much as you guys like to butcher this card as awful, I'd like to point out a few perks that make the card worth it to obtain to some:  


1.  Priority Pass (unlimited visits to Priority Pass approved lounges...$399 value)

2.  2% redemption on airfare so 25000 pts gets you $500 airfare instead of only $250.  

3.  25000 bonus points with the first $1500 spent

4.  No FETF

5.  0% APR for first year on purchases and BTs.  


Now granted, this is nothing compared to other programs (IE AMEX Platinum) but at least the cardholder is able to get SOME perks as opposed to cards that offer nothing and still charge annual fees, account setup fees and other various fees.  


I'd say this card is FAR from the worst card ever.  

Yes, I think we can agree that this card is better than most offerings from FP or Credit One!  "Worst card ever" probably was meant as hyperbole rather than literal. I believe that originally the card didn't have lounge access, adding that does change the value slightly.



Well is it really unlimited, or is there a cap to the number of lounge visits?


A lot of the bad rep about this card came about when the first was first introduced.

Barclays had pretty liberal approval standards (probably about the same as their Barclay rewards card for average credit), and the minimum CL was as low as $500, which doesn't make it seem anything remotely close to being "exclusive" at all. Worst part of it all, people were still hit with the $495 AF immediately once the account was opened, leaving $5 as available credit for those who were approved with $500 CL. This business practice obviously didn't sit well with many people, including regulators, and the AF is now capped at 25% of CL.


I'm pretty sure it's been unlimited visits for a while.  That said, you can't get into a United Club with it so if you're flying United, it's pretty useless.  


I'm not sure I believe the stories about people getting this with a $500 limit (even pre-CARD ACT).  Perhaps there are some first hand posts (I'm not talking about the "I have a friend who has a sister who has a $500 limit") about members here getting one with such a limit, but I'm not going to go back to 2009 to search LOL. 

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