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Barclay Cards Product change

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Barclay Cards Product change

Hey everyone,


I have a BJ's Warehouse Barclay visa....We are moving and they do not have them where we are moving to...I was going to call the backdoor number but figured it was too late on the est coast and I was right the credit analyst number is 8-5pm on the message it leaves. So I was wondering if you had any luck changing from one product to another within Barclays as I would much rather have the apple barclay card and get on that bandwagon. Or would it be better just to apply for the apple card and see if they will accept two cards for one person?



Just curious one way or the other.



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Re: Barclay Cards Product change

I tried to convert my Carnival card to the U.S. Airways card earlier this year and was told I would have to apply for the U.S. Airways card as they did not do prouct changes.  Let us know if you are successful!

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Re: Barclay Cards Product change

They don't generally seem to do product changes, but they do perform limit reallocations without issue by calling the backdoor number.


So you could apply for the new card and have the BJ's limit moved over and the card closed.


It also seems to be true that if you are declined and they otherwise wouldn't approve the application, often the backdoor number can approve the application if you indicate that you'll be moving the limit from another current Barclays product (and closing that product).

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Re: Barclay Cards Product change

I called to close my card a couple months ago.  I had the Juniper MC and it didn't have rewards.  They asked what it would take to keep me and I said a rewards card...they obliged with a Barclaycard Travel Rewards... 2pts for travel purchases, 1 point for all others.  Works well for me since I travel a lot.  

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Re: Barclay Cards Product change

Hey All,


So I called up The back door number today and first I talked to a lady that wa very nice and I asked about product change and she told me that it would probably be a better idea to wait on the CLI and go for the apple card as if you tried for both you would get two hard pulls instead of one. So SHe then told me that if I got declined or approved they would be able to move my BJs card over to the apple card. Well I applied and I got this mesage:


Sufficient credit is available on your account issued by Barclays Bank Delaware


So I then called the back door number again and got a gentleman that was nice but seemed very straightforward and rushed. He told me that he would check the credit report. He came back and told me that they would not be able to extend me the apple card credit card and that I cannot do a product change...I asked why and he told me becuase back in 02 I had a bankruptcy. I told him it is going to fall off shortly and that they approved me before for the BJs card with it on they...he then told me that my util was too high on my credit cards...I know it is not really low but it is under 50%....The BJs is high because I use it for gas/food...and with a 500 limit that gets up there quick. Still nothing he could do .




THe backdoor number I called was 866-408-4064 so I believe that was the correct number....Let me know if you think there was anything else I could have done? I guess I just wished I dealt with the first lady for the declined apple card recon as I felt she was a bit more sincere.



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Re: Barclay Cards Product change

call again!!!


I know it sounds silly, but it works. 

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Re: Barclay Cards Product change

So I call the same number and ask to be reconsidered again for the apple card??? Do I need to specifiy that I called before? Are they going to run my dredit again? I just do not know what to ask this time around as I thought I asked and did all the right thinks with the first guy.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Re: Barclay Cards Product change

So I called them back and the lady told me that they had already looked over the application and reconsidered it and she was standing by the guys decision. Oh well life goes on.

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