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Barclay Financing Apple Card


Barclay Financing Apple Card

Well, I applied for this card thursday morning, didn't get an instant approval, but around lunchtime I checked my email and found out I was approved and I could make my purchase for the macbook air right away, but I can't figure out how to use it to purchase the laptop when I go to apple's education store once I select my school, so how does the purchase work? I know this might be a silly question. lol


I just think I'm gonna have to wait for the card to come in the mail and maybe visit the apple store. Does anyone have experience on gettting the student discount at the retail apple store? I have my student id, is that sufficient? I would think so, at least.


Also, is there any real benefit to keep this card open after the financing period ends? I don't see any real reason to use this card afterwards but would like to keep it open as long as Barclay seems fit and decides to close it themselves for inactivity or whatever. How long does it take for Barclay to close an account due to inactivity usually?


Sorry for all the quesetions. lol


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Re: Barclay Financing Apple Card


I don't have info for you regarding the Barclay financing.


My daughter purchased a mac and all she had to show was her student ID. You can also make a purchase with the student discount online. 

On one other occasion, my daughter left her ID at home. We were able to log into her college account at the store to verify her student status and she got her student discount. Bringing the ID  certainly easier.


Apple is the best IMO. I am partial of course!  Smiley Happy




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Re: Barclay Financing Apple Card

When you apply and are approved right away, it gives you a link or something to the apple store online to buy what you want right then and there...i waited a bit when I applied because i wanted to call the backdoor number to get a little more CL and then it just said the page had timed out or whatever so i had to wait til it came in the mail.


I was waiting a few days and of course it came the day after i left for a 2 week vacation so i had to wait til I got back. I then had to end up order it online with the card anyway because they dont carry the exact computer i wanted in store. lol. Brutal waiting but so worth it.

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