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Barclay PC went through painlessly

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Re: Barclay PC went through painlessly

Same thing on my account

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Re: Barclay PC went through painlessly

My sister has the upromise card and wanted a low apr card, so i told her to send a secure message and ask if she could pc to the ring card. She said the message they sent back says that stricter credit card laws prohibit product changes.

Should i just tell her to call?
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Re: Barclay PC went through painlessly

dodgeball wrote:

tell them that you are going to close the account they will transfer you to a closing speacialist as they say and they will give you the option to PC

I hoped they would do that for me. Nope. Just closed it right there. Didn't even try to talk me out of it.


I PIF and had put plenty of money through the account.

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Re: Barclay PC went through painlessly



I'm quite envious as, based on the experiences posted on this forum, Barclay seems to be one of the hardest CC companies to PC. Your case gives me hope, though. Maybe I'll just have to keep calling and calling them until I finally get a CSR who's willing to do it.


Which number did you use to call Barclay? Also, were you carrying a balance on your card at the time?

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Re: Barclay PC went through painlessly

In regards to the OP's original question regarding the Barclay point structure, i think YMMV in how they are factored. For example, I pc'ed my apple visa to a rewards visa and I get 2x points for gas,grocery, and utility and 1x points for everything else. When I go to redeem my points, it breaks down to 2% for gas, grocery, and utlity and 1% for everything else. However, my girlfriend has had a Barclay rewards card from the outset (no PC) and while she gets 2 points for every dollar, her points redeem at a lower rate than mine do (2 of her points are equivalent to 1 of mine). So while we reap the same benefits ultimately, it seems that they have two types of point structures in place.

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Re: Barclay PC went through painlessly

Sorry, I've got another question for those of you who were able to PC from the Apple to the Rewards card. Were you able to ask for any of the sign-up benefits, like the $50 cashback or 15-month 0% APR? Thanks!

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Re: Barclay PC went through painlessly

This works like a charm, thank you.


I PC'd my Apple Financing worthless card over to the Barlcay Rewards... got the 1000pt bonus after 1st purchase, too.


Point of order on this:  I called the # on the back of my card saying that I'd like to change to the Barclay Rewards card. Of course, the rep said "I'm sorry, we can't to product changes".  I asked to be transferred over to a "closing specialist", as I've heard that they can do it.  She transferred me over and I explained to the closing specialist that without rewards, and knowing that I never carry a balance, this card is useless to me and that I'd like to switch it the the Barlclay Rewards.


She said "no problem" and explained me all the ins-and-outs, no credit pull (neither soft nor hard), limit/APR stay the same, new card issued in a couple weeks.


The WHOLE call took a grand total of 5 minutes, tops.  Completely painless.


So the trick is asking to be transferred to a "closing specialist".


FWIW, I've had the card 13 months, always PIF (usually before the statment cuts).  For grins, I asked if she could give me a CLI w/o pulling by credit since it's my lowest limit card @ $1300.  She said she'd have to pull a report, but didn't know if it would be an HP or SP.  I passed.  Don't need any HPs right now, buying a house in a year.



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Re: Barclay PC went through painlessly

I tempted to try this. Should I wait though? I just opened 4 new cards this month that aren't reporting yet but I want to stay under their radar so they don't AA me.

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Re: Barclay PC went through painlessly

So I got my card today and instead of the MC it is the Visa.  I thought that this rewards card was supposed to be MC because that's what's advertised on their website!  Maybe its because I had the Apple Visa and they just left it on the same network.  Who knows?


Anyway I was a little disappointed in that because I shop at Sams Club a lot and they don't take Visa and I wanted to get those points.  Oh well, just my luck Sams isn't coded as a grocery store anyway so maybe not a lost at all.


I thought I would get a CLI at activation but nope....still at the same limit and going into my 7th month.  Well I will see what happens along the way, maybe an increase in the next few months. 

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Re: Barclay PC went through painlessly

It seems they allow conversion to their own card, but not from their card to an affinity card. Chase is the same way I believe. I attempted to convert the Barclays Rewards Mastercard to the Sallie Mae and the lady told me she understood what I was asking, but they don't convert that card to another one.

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