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Barclay Recon?

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Barclay Recon?

Im rebuilding my credit atm, after some problems with Cap1 that im also currently resolving, while trying to do so i did appy for a Barclay Card to finance some apple products, i was declined for the following reasons.


Serious delinquency
Time since delinquency is too recent or unknown
Length of time accounts have been established

 Now currently Cap1 is showing 90,120, and 150 past due but they already took care of the 60, a few problems with the statements and moving and such that im working with Cap1 on and they are supposed to clean it up(their words) and this was 2 months ago. Other than that, my Cap1 is over a year old and im pretty young so ofc my credit isnt much older.


How do my chances look for a recon?




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Re: Barclay Recon?

1) Just wait until Cap1 does what they promised to do.

2) Let your credit reports update.

3) Then call in and have them pull a new report.

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Re: Barclay Recon?

Very slim.


60, 90, 120, and 150 days of lates are serious delinquency (REALLY REALLY BAD info on your credit reports). Almost all lenders will turn you down once they see that.


Cap 1 are not obligated to delete these lates, unless you have their words on paper.

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Re: Barclay Recon?

You already have the inquiry, speak to a credit analyst at Barclays.  Only they can determine the outcome of the Recon.

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