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Barclay Reward Boost

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Re: Barclay Reward Boost

DaveSignal wrote:
I have it on my Arrival card. I can see it when first logging in under the BarclayCard extras column. Barclays is slower awarding points for these purchases. The points mall on all of my other cards is much faster. I am pretty good at shopping on the internet though, and can often find products at cheaper prices than the stores in the points malls and so I do often get more value somewhere else. I do use the BoA travel mall most frequently though, of all the points malls.

And even if you do use the same stores, if you are going for cashback, you can often get better deals going through sites like topcashback and using the credit card of your choice, although in many cases you will have to wait much longer for those sites to give you the cash!  I have been using Cap One's perk central most for two retailers, but that is going away in Nov.

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