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Barclay iTunes CLI

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Barclay iTunes CLI

I got the iTunes rewards card back in 2007 with a 2k CL. My ficos were probably around 640-650 at the time. I carried a balance most of the time. 


I paid my card down to about $1100 in the fall of 2008, and when the market took a dive in October, they slashed my CL to $1350. Its been stuck there ever since. I carried a balance (for some reason I thought that was my way of saying I don't want to use your card lol). I wound up paying it off last year and it went dormant. 


I asked for a CLI or APR deduction in December and was denied. 


So a couple weeks ago I called in and asked again. She said they would pull my credit report, and then told me I'd get a response within 24-48 hours. Well, I never heard or saw anything hit my CR. Finally got "the letter". Bogus Reasons:


Length of time revolving credit lines established (AAoA 6 years on TU)

Collection Balances too high (No collections on TU)


I think they must have reused an old report from a couple years ago haha.


So I called the backdoor number here, and the very nice lady asked some income questions and put me on hold. She asked what I was looking for, and I just stated my two most active cards had 11-15K CLs. 


She came back and she was able to get it increased to 10K and that everything looked good!


Finally some love from Barclay! I read all the success stories on here and was getting upset because I knew I deserved better. The girl on the phone couldn't have been any more pleasant to speak to, and it was less than 5 minutes from "Send" to "End". 


Its nice to not hate your creditors :-) I'm really starting to settle in to my stronger credit profile.


Thanks much to this forum, its a great resource for learning how to maintain a healthy profile. 


What's in my wallet?

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Re: Barclay iTunes CLI

Congrats on building up your FICO scores and backdooring Barclay's to a nice CL.


Nice work!

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