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Barclay's Apple Rewards Card

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Re: Barclay's Apple Rewards Card

Online VP.


Thanks Mr Disco.  This is exactly what I wanted to avoid.  I set my redemtion at 10,000 points and I will wait to redeem until they have deducted the points.


3000 points is not something I could easily "pay back" with this card since (besides Apple) it is pretty much a 1 point per dollar card.

$11,500 FNBO Prime Visa, $10,600 Quicksilver One, $6000 US Bank Kroger, $3300 Barclay Apple Visa, $5000 Chase United Explorer, $4600 Discover, $2900 Wells Fargo 1% Cash Back, $2000 Chase Unlimited, Amex Gold with $30,000 POT, $3500 PayPal Credit, Walmart $1500, Citi CostCo $8500, Citi AAdvantage $2900, Delta Amex Gold $3000, WF PLOC $7500, Everyday Preferred $10,000, Amazon Prime Store Card $1200.
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