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Barclay's US Air MasterCard Recon

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Barclay's US Air MasterCard Recon

Hey everyone.  I just wanted some advice.  I just applied for a Barclay'c US Air mastercard tonight and was denied stating "Too few accounts with sufficient satisfactory performance".   Now a little background info.  I've been working on rebuilding my credit for the past few years.  I have some late payments with student loans (the latest being 180 days reported on EX, not TU or EQ and this loan has since been paid in full).  There is one 90 day late payment and a couple of 30 and 60.  All on student loans and no late payments reported on anything in the last three years.  I have one old collection in EX and EQ over three years old.  I currently have three CC's:

BBRZMC $800 limit reported but not reported as MasterCard. (March 2008) Never late. PIF each month

Target RedCard $1000 limit reported on all three CR's. Oct (2007) Never Late. PIF each month

Macy's $1000 limit not reported.  Jan 2009 Never late.  PIF each month.

Credit One Bank $500.00 closed Feb 2008



EX 650

EQ 653

TU 690


Annual income > $90,000


Should I call and ask for a recon.  I think my income and credit hx are sufficiant now.  I'm not asking for much but I do think they should be able to offer me something.  Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

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Re: Barclay's US Air MasterCard Recon

Yes I would! They are very good about recon. They denied me for the same reasons less than a month ago for the Itunes Visa, and after calling them they approved me for $1k! By the sounds of it you have been doing well in PIF, I at the time had one CC almost maxed out. Also, they pull looks like its your highest score. Good luck!
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Re: Barclay's US Air MasterCard Recon

Got one after recieving the "Wait 30 Days" immediatly called the recon number and was approved for $1000 after giving Employment and salary numbers. (this was a month ago)


Took all of 15 seconds.


I have one old baddie from 2004 on an electric bill that the ex ole lady stiffed me on after divorce.


No lates on a Cap 1 at $1000 2 years, and RZMC at $500 no lates and 4 years.



I would give it a shot..... you already took the ding, might as well plead your case.

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Re: Barclay's US Air MasterCard Recon

Wow.  Thank's for the reply's.  This is a lot of great info.  I'll call them on Monday.  I'll let you guys know what happens.

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Re: Barclay's US Air MasterCard Recon

Well thank's for the insight.  I called them today and after a few questions about past credit blemishes and income verification, I'm glad to report they approved me for $1000.00.  Anyone know if they report to all three CB's?  How are they about CLI's?  Thank's again.

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Re: Barclay's US Air MasterCard Recon

Yes they report to all 3. I opened my card in march with 5k cl then 7.5k and today up to 10k. All my cli have been hard pulls over the phone.

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