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Barclaycard (Apple) Financing Visa Card Instant Online Approval

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Re: Barclaycard (Apple) Financing Visa Card Instant Online Approval


JayRizzo wrote:

I had the Priceline "Shatner" Visa, but some of the other members actually had the Apple Finance card.  Mine was 2 months old when I purchased my end of lease vehicle, so there was only one hard inquiry made on my CR, which had nothing to do with revolving credit, but Barclays Credit Portfolio Unit soft inquired my TU report 4 times that month, then I routinely checked the account on a Saturday morning and it said "This account is closed".


I did not have a balance, they actually owed me money because I charged about $80 but paid about $100 (don't remember the exact amount anymore) -- I often overpay my accounts just to say, "You Owe Me!".  But, it actually took about 3 months for them to refund my money.


During that time, Barclays Executive Office and Credit Portfolio department received a butt-kicking from the Delaware Banking Commisssioner's top Investigator, F.D.I.C., and myself.  Now, the Credit Analysts are warning people who call-in NOT to apply for any credit for about 6 months after approvals.

Wow, they're tuff! Closing an account b/c of a single INQ.


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Re: Barclaycard (Apple) Financing Visa Card Instant Online Approval

I don't have any beef with Barclays because I didn't have a balance, so it didn't impact my credit score but the whole thing makes you say WTH???  It could've been worse.


I'm only vocal across all forums and websites to warn the newbies who don't know the inside scoop about Barclays, but are quick to apply for credit.


Challenge:  I'd like to hear updates from members who applied for multiple accounts during or immediately after their Barclays accounts were opened from July 2010 to the present.  That should give us a good idea of how many survived the 6-7 month window or how many were closed:


Me:  Opened Aug 2010 -- Closed Oct 2010, Priceline Visa, No Balance, due to a new inquiry

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Re: Barclaycard (Apple) Financing Visa Card Instant Online Approval

I just opened a US Airways Barclay Mastercard and hope they don't close it.  I applied for Chase and Citi shortly thereafter.  The pulls were not from TU so if they soft my TU I should be safe.  That really sucks that they make that a policy.  I hope thats not the case anymore though since they got in trouble.  I too, am curious to see other people who have had their accounts closed by opening/inquiries after approval.

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Re: Barclaycard (Apple) Financing Visa Card Instant Online Approval

they sometime soft on ex. plus they will see new accounts added not just inq.

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Re: Barclaycard (Apple) Financing Visa Card Instant Online Approval

Hey, scrubs!!!  I'm still trying to get the word out -- down for the cause.  hahahaa  Yes, you're right about that -- not just inquiries, but any new accounts AND they're looking at EX not just TU.  I don't have any proof of EQ, but should cover all 3 CRAs just to be safe.


Good to hear from ya again!


Well CSUSnurse, it was a good fight, but...  in the end, they hid behind the mile-long Cardholder Agreement and said, they have the right to close any account at their discretion because it's "their" company -- and they are right.  They didn't get into trouble but it raised lots of eyebrows, questions, and more visibility to those who are supposed to regulate and protect the consumers.

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Re: Barclaycard (Apple) Financing Visa Card Instant Online Approval

There is actually an article on that same subject on the barclays website talking on subject: opening several barclays credit lines and how they get shut down and closed off by not using them misunderstanding that they are all one same company but they do not all pull from the same credit union and they are not all the same card as my first card was the barclays ring master card and that was the 2nd of the 5 card spin i should have not but was preparing to get into as a now or never and did well as an overnight approval. They needed to verify bla bla and i got an email the following morning accepting my application as my credit then was a for sure in (according to my fico). The fourth card was the apple visa by barclay which by the way one pulls from equifax the other from transunion. They tell you in fine print when you recieve the cards how they do not run off the same intergrated system and do not have one way of telling that your credit is still at certain score to be able to instant approve etc based on the first pull for first app. They also tell you that they pull at different times and that your credit score goes up and down depending on various factors which they tell you on my fico such as what you purchase, how much it is, your total credit line opened, the utilization that you have, the payments amount you make, the score you had at time of approval etc.

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Re: Barclaycard (Apple) Financing Visa Card Instant Online Approval

This should be interesting because I apped for Discover right after apping for Barclays because they gave me the dreaded 30 day message. Ended up getting approved for both but now afraid of AA. Smiley Indifferent
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