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Barclaycard Conversion Letter

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Re: Barclaycard Conversion Letter

i didn’t think you were allowed to convert from a no annual fee card to one with a fee. I had originally had the sallie Mae MasterCard. Got converted to commence, then rewards. I’m definitely going to close mine. Very upset to lose my oldest card and 11.5K.
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Re: Barclaycard Conversion Letter

Letter I received says no annual fee.
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Re: Barclaycard Conversion Letter

I got the letter as well. No annual fee here either. Same APR as before.
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Re: Barclaycard Conversion Letter

Got mine yesterday. It says the term you had before carryover- so if you had an annual fee before maybe that's why? I didn't. It said the only thing changing is the minimum payment due will be lower. $15, not sure what it was before. I have a $2k CL, was at about 1500 balance before I PIF last month. I'm not super concerned, still rebuilding, hopefully this new place will offer CLIs more often, only ever got two I believe in the 5 years I've had Barclays
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Re: Barclaycard Conversion Letter

I received the letter as well.  I called barclays and closed my barclaycard rewards card but i was able to have them move my 3k credit line from that to my Uber card.  Do you have any other barclays cards?

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Re: Barclaycard Conversion Letter

Update -- response below from Barclays:


Thank you for contacting us regarding your Barclaycard Rewards Mastercard. We can certainly address your inquiry regarding the conversion on your account.

Upon review, we can confirm that your card ending XXXX is being converted to the Mercury Card. Please note that the de-conversion is scheduled on September 23, 2018. At the request of CreditShop, Barclays has been performing credit line increases based on Consumer Credit Reports obtained by CreditShop. Please be reassured that these credit inquiries will not impact your credit score. 

In line with the incorrect card number stated in the letter, please be reassured that this has been forwarded to the appropriate area for further review. We hope you find this information helpful.

We value your trust for allowing us to service your credit card needs. If you have any other questions or concerns, please reply to this message. 


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Re: Barclaycard Conversion Letter

Barclays has sold my arrival plus master card with 8k limit and zero balance and my utilization is less then 1 percent since last 1 year to mercury card. I called barclay and they say my card has not been sold to mercury.

, but I got a letter from mercury  that yes my account has been sold to them. I have 790 plus credit score since a year now, no negative or derogatory marks in credit history , I told mercury I don’t want card from them, they told me contact barclays card , barclays says my account is not sold. So weird.

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Re: Barclaycard Conversion Letter

I think the Mercury Mastercard is new.  I've actually heard good things about them ... more of an off prime focus, but at fair prices.

Doubt the change will impact credit score - just switches from Barclays to CreditShop at the credit bureau.

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Credit Shop

Got a notice that my Barclay's card is going to be converted to the new Mercury Mastercard.  Started digging around.  Sounds like Mercury has more of a middle market focus - good products at fair prices for regular people.  Actually looking forward to doing business with them.  Like Barclays, Mercury seems to provide FICO score for free too.

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