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Barclaycard moving credit lines

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Barclaycard moving credit lines

Just wanted to share my experience with Barclaycard's credit department...

I just received my Apple Rewards card which came with a $3K CL. I wanted to make a purchase but as it turned out the total with tax came out to about $2800. It would most likely approve but didn't want to poke the bear with high utilization. So I called Barclaycard to ask about moving credit from my CashForward.

Once I got transferred to to CSR in their credit department the whole thing took less than 3 minutes. Literally. He asked how much to move from what card to what card and it was done. Easy peasy. It was so quick I also asked to move some more from my CF over to the Wyndham card to bump it up to Visa sig threshold. Done again. Like it was nothing. I logged into my account right after the call and they already show the new limits.

I asked about the Visa Sig thing and he said he didn't know how to get that upgrade offer or if the new limit would get it for me. So I just left it at that.

Anyway just wanted to share how easy it is to move limits with Barclaycard. I thought they were going to interrogate me or do a credit pull or something but there was none of that. My donor card is only a month old so apparently they don't care about that either.
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Re: Barclaycard moving credit lines

Very good to know. My first credit card is the Barclay Apple Rewards (opened Feb 2017). The SL was 2.5k and they doubled it to 5k around June. But by looking at your signature your APR is much lower than mine. They have me at 20.99% lol


I might just apply for the Uber card next year since they can just move cl. Just curious have you tried to increase your limit? I wonder if Barclay is HP or SP

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Re: Barclaycard moving credit lines

With Barclay, if you request a CLI they do a HP.  If they offer it to you, it's a SP.

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Re: Barclaycard moving credit lines

Wait for it.......Smiley Wink
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