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Barclays AAdvantage Product Change Options?

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Barclays AAdvantage Product Change Options?

I have a family member who has the Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Red MasterCard, however he no longer values AAdvantage points and doesn't want to pay an annual fee. He would prefer a cash back card, so I told him I would ask the MyFico community about his options for a product change. Does he have any options about product changing his card?


I have never had the Barclays AAdvantage card, so I am unfamiliar with whether or not he can even product change it. I am assuming the chances are slim, given it is a cobrand card, but I figured it is best to pose the question here anyway.

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Re: Barclays AAdvantage Product Change Options?

I have heard yes and no to that question, on barlcays PC. The successful ones seem to occur within the same product family, so you would likely havev to PC it to the no AF version if possible. As I've heards couple DP's saying they no longer even do that.


Best to call them directly for an answer on this. Though if you truly want only the miles that badly, you'll have to decide if they're worth the HP new account hit and then closure of said account as a worst case scenario.

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Re: Barclays AAdvantage Product Change Options?

Barclay has always been kind hard to get a straight PC policy out of. Some people have luck and others don't. I would expect they would require you to stay within the Aadvantage family but you could downgrade to a no fee version (hopefully). Call and see what the options are.


As far as cash back I doubt it -  Barclay's does not even offer a cash back card in their own lineup anymore, only cobranded - but who knows.

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Re: Barclays AAdvantage Product Change Options?

I had the personal Red for about 12.5 months. I called around August 2019 about a day after the second year's AF hit. I had no PC options but had started to fly Delta more so just closed the account.

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