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Barclays Apple approved on recon: awaiting "instant credit"


Barclays Apple approved on recon: awaiting "instant credit"

A quick call to a recon analyst yesterday got me approved for $2000 on the Apple Store Card. One perk is you can instantly use the card online to buy a Mac, and the analyst assured I could after his recon.

Despite two calls back to customer service and Apple, my status shows as declined online...looks like I'll have to wait for plastic in order to upgrade this ol' Mac :/

Any similar experiences??
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Re: Barclays Apple approved on recon: awaiting "instant credit"

When I upped my BC limit to $3,700 in May, I did it manually over the phone with them, to buy a new rMBP. They approved it, and actually let me make the purchase over the phone. I got the email while still on the phone that the order was processing, etc.

I'd just call them, and say you want to use your new CL to make a purchase over the phone. They can find you in the system and process it.

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