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Barclays CLD

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Re: Barclays CLD

@tjash2011 wrote:

Have 3 cards with Barclay. An Arrival+, Rewards Mastercard and Apple card.

Arrival + had a 2750 limit, Rewards had 2550 and Apple had 2k. Got them all when I was in my early rebuilding stages. Never really have gotten a CLI with them, even though some of my other cards have grown to 5k, 7k, 10k+  But whatever, didn't bother me to much. I used my Arrival+ and rewards Mastercard for some christmas shopping. Put about 1000 on each. For the past couple years of having these I have NEVER made a minimum pay. If my minimum is 50 for example - I pay 200+ as the payment for that month, its never been a minimum payment.


I bought my iMac for school on the Apple card about a year ago and have paid way over the minimum to get it paid down to 350 after just a year, from 1900. But why pay it off when I am getting 0%?

Immediately paid 1500 once January came around and I got my beginning year bonus. Only to find they CLD all 3 cards. Apple card CLD to 1k, Arrival to 1800 and Rewards to 2100. Like...really? I realized I had christmas expenses but within a month paid off a majority of it, and I have been using my Apple card wisely, not making any additional purchases so I dont mess up my deferred financing and have to pay a ton of interest charges.


I am over Barclay. No CLI - ehh not the end of the world, but to decrease my limits, espeically after showing you guys nothing but good behavior - not okay.

LOL Serves you right for paying your debt! Smiley Tongue


It...kind of makes sense though. Since you can pay your debt, that means you don't need that much credit! It's not Barclay that's out of touch, it's the whole credit industry! (Who gives people more credit the more they prove that they don't need it)


I...started out meaning to make that sarcastic, but now I don't know Smiley Surprised lol

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Re: Barclays CLD

Justcallme... I wish you were right on that. Sorry, but you aren't. If you read the 100's on here and the 1000's on the internet about Barclays, only a small percentage of us actually don't use the card. We are the lucky ones. The ones that use the card get CLD to 100-200.00 above their balance and then they are 95% utliilized. That was my theory (not using the card) before I spent days resechijg this on all the forums and Reddit and google and blogs, etc.... and not just creidt related sites.
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