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Barclays Nervous of CLD...

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Barclays Nervous of CLD...


So had my Barclays Apple Financiing Visa about 11 months and I requested a CLI last week, it was declined, called the recon line and the analyst approved it.


So, today I applied for the Virgin Visa got declined, I called the credit dept number (analyst under "backdoor" numbers) and left a VM with my account number etc and said I wanted to do a PC to the Virgin Card (this was after cust serv told me that they could not do the PC) and I left in the VM to please send me the Virgin card over night.


I really don't care if they don't approve me for the Virgin card or if they can't transfer the CL to that card, but I am not worried they will CLD me on the Apple Card


I scheduled (3) upcoming payments on auto pay for the Applie Financing Visa for:

9/27 for 900.00 ,

10/4 for 800.00

10/10 for 900.00 in the hopes that they will see I can handle the CL I have now



I am just asking because I have read people getting CLD after they try and do a PC



What do you think?  



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Re: Barclays Nervous of CLD...

You'll be just fine, keep charging and making payments.

EQ FICO 548 3/3/16
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