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Barclays Product Change - Success!

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Re: Barclays Product Change - Success!

It was an online request to CS while making a payment.

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Re: Barclays Product Change - Success!

Sounds like an easy way to get into one of their tougher cards. What's the easiest card to get? hrmmm. Smiley Happy

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Re: Barclays Product Change - Success!

Do you know if you will keep your account age?  They won't start the clock over now, as if you are opening a totally new card right now, or did you address that with them?


My husband tried to change account types with them sometime in the last year and they must have gone over his entire credit report with a fine-toothed comb for an hour on the phone (this was after they promised they would do it, then made him jump through a bunch of hoops and call back a month later) and finally said "no."  But they did tell him if he pays down his other balances they would consider it, and he's done that now.

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Re: Barclays Product Change - Success!

Did they mention anything about backdating the opened date?

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