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Barclays Recon Success...

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Barclays Recon Success...



Wanted to post my Barclays recon success story...opened the Applie Financing Visa last Dec with a 1700 CL..

Paid in full for 4 months spening about 7k on the card...charging and paying etc


From Feb to just now I carried a balance and only paid just about minimum due to $ constrictions then I paid bal in full when I got some extra


So, asked for increase yesterday and got declined, called the recon # today, talked to an analyst and told her I wanted to transfer some balances over so she incresed my limit to a total of 3500, but she did want the card #'s over the phone to do the increases.  I did not really mind as they did do what I wanted them to do, give me the increase


I am pleased


Capital One you can ....

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Re: Barclays Recon Success...

What was the offer you transferred under?


I think the default on this card is 22.9% and 4% fee. Hopefully you had something better...

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Re: Barclays Recon Success...

I just appd for the Apple barclays and initially they gave me a 5,000 cl.. I called the next day and verified some information and they raised it to 10,000 with no problem... They are alright with me so far...Smiley Happy

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