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Barclays Rewards Card

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Barclays Rewards Card

I just got approved for a Barclays Apple Visa, with a TU score of 679.  I was just reading about the Rewards card and from what I can tell it looks like a decent card for those of us not in the AMEX/Chase range but wanting to leave capital one.  DO you think I have a chance at getting approved for this card so soon after getting the Apple Visa?  Id like to make this my main card and SD all the rest.



TU-688 5/14 (WM TU) | EX-692 on 2/14 (FNBO EX) | EQ-666 on 01/13

NFCU GoRewards $25k | NavChek $15k | Chase Slate 7.5k
Barclays Rewards $3.4k | FNBO MC $2.3K | Cap1 Plat $1.9k
Cap1 Quicksilver $1.7k | Wmt Discover $4.5k | Amazon Store Card $3k Care Credit $3.5k | Kohls $300 | Victoria's Secret $500
Cap1 Quicksilver $2k | Barclays Apple Visa $600

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Re: Barclays Rewards Card

YMMV, but Barclay's told me they want 6-12 months with new customers before they PC or give second account.......You could call in and chat with them. I did just that. We talked about my account and I asked if they liked what I was doing etc. He asked about my long term goals etc.......ended up getting 500 more outta them!!

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