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Barclays WOW WOW WOW

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Barclays WOW WOW WOW

I tried for a barclays carnival card in March of 2011 and was denied... I had dual BK's and that was the main reason for denial.


I got upset because my wife has a $1200 dollar limit card barclay's which I pay Smiley Tongue


So I know it's July now but I figured I needed to complain to them they suck, I called the application department and complained and spoke to a nice guy who asked about all the crap on my report, I went over with him the process I've taken in rebuilding my credit for the last 2 years and learning about how everything works.

I did all the talking for the first 35 minutes explaining all of what good things I've learned about credit and such on myfico etc. etc..


He said that we would need to pull a new report to verify the second BK has fallen off my report and see if what I say is true about my rebuilding of credit.


My credit is not that great yet TU is 680 but I said **bleep** it and repulled a new report.... he said wow yes I see your doing much better now and things are being paid on time for the last 4 years excellent.


Well I'm going to over turn the application status of denied to start you out with a small limit of $1500 and then increase it in 2 months to $2500 ....I'm like wwwwhhhhatt? holy crap okay... card will be there in 7 - 10 days Smiley Happy


Finally things are looking up for me I guess it's possible to get an approval through application status departments Smiley Happy



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Re: Barclays WOW WOW WOW

Congrats!  Your persistence and patience paid off.

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