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Barclays is a fickle b****

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Re: Barclays is a fickle b****

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I wish someone else would offer me 3x points at Apple - I usually buy a new iPad and iPhone every year, and a new Mac every few years. Those gift cards were a big help, especially when they messed up on my iPhone purchase last time and sent double gift cards. 

Discover does, through their online portal. They have a 5% on Apple Online. It doesn't cover Macbook pros, but everything else is covered, including iPhones, iPads, etc.



*Goes to apply for Discover IT* 

Buy it on Amazon with a 5% Chase Amazon Visa..!!

Amazon doesn't have a lot of BTO (build to order) Apple products, and I usually custom spec my equipment. They usually just carry a few different builds, and you can't customize them.


For example, when I bought my last iMac, I wanted the 4.0 GHz i7 processor, but only 8 GB of RAM (because I can buy it cheaper third party). They wouldn't me have it with just 8 GB of RAM, and wanted me to pay a $200-$400 premium for 16 or 32 GB more.  



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Re: Barclays is a fickle b****

Barclay's has been notorious for this for a very long time. Their propensity to CLD is the primary factor why I ignore them as a lender. When I see approval threads for those cards I place bets as to how long before they complain about a CLD.

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Re: Barclays is a fickle b****

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Update called they didn't like me doing another bt on top of theirs moving it to my DCU card as they appreciate my business and have closed the account.

If I'm understanding you previously transferred a Barclays balance to DCU, and this time transfer a balance to Barclays?  So 1 from Barclays and 1 to Barclays.


They might think you are shuffling debt.


Like others have said, you won't miss them.  I'm closing Sallie Mae before the change.  Good luck in your future endeavors OP

No only the one Balance transfer involving Barclays for 1956.03. The other one was with Capital one where I decided to pay off a personal loan due to a better term BT. So they saw two BT's around the same time. I called to see if they would restore my credit line and was told no due to this after answering some questions. SO I then told them I would like to close the account and stop doing business with Barclays as I have many other options and have no use for a $2400 card with them. They were "sorry" to lose me as a customer but made the change. Things like this is why I have amassed a decent blend of credit lines with different lenders so I am not held hostage to any one lender and their games.

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Re: Barclays is a fickle b****

I think it was much better for Barclays when the most popular topic on them was about how to get a barclays cli started by myjourney some eons ago.


With these repeated negative actions posting up with the frequency that's been showing up like they are, more people (in these forums anyway) are becoming far more conscious of the potential risk they might be exposed to no matter how well they try to manage those cards of theirs. In others words tolling the line on what they think is best because Barclays staffers don't exactly offer much in the way of details to card customers to just what they expect often times.


There is also of course a good number of happy campers that seem to be quite safe with them too so i dunno.

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Re: Barclays is a fickle b****

I am closing my Arrival+ after my cycle end date for good (next week), still have HA but as soon as i get my bonus i am done, ciao ciao barclaycard, can't do business with them thinking that something like this can happens Smiley Surprised

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