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Barclays within 6 months?

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Barclays within 6 months?

I've had my Barclay card since November of 2011.  It started out with a limit of 1200, was increased to 1900 in the spring of 2012, and bumped up to 3900 in May.  It's currenlty my highest limit card.  Of course, after reading many posts on forums here, I'm always a little weary.  I'm not getting any new cards for the time being, but I have a plan to get one or two better cards later this year to elminate Cap One.  Anyway, I'm trying to weigh the risk of Barclay's randomly closing my account.  Given the fact that they just increased my CL, I have to think I'm in good standing with them.  Also, it seems that most of the posts I read involved Barclays closing accounts within 6 months after people applied for and obtained new cards.  So I'm wondering, seeing that I've now had this card for more than 1.5 years, would the same issue apply to me in terms of closing the account if I apply for a new card?  What about a second Barclay card ( I was eyeing the NFL one as an option down the road), does that trigger a red flag to them?  It's been a little more than year since I opened a new card, and I've only had one CLI request show up as a hard inquiry since then.

Chase Freedom: $1500, Citi Diamond Preferred: $3000, Barclays: $3900, Chase Disney Visa: $1500, Chase Southwest Signature: $5000, Citi TY Preferred: $3000, Cap One Platinum: $1750, Cap One Platinum Rewards: $2500, Orchard Bank: $900, Kay Store Card: $6600, PayPal $2200
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Re: Barclays within 6 months?

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