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Just got approved for 1000 limit the other day from barclays...I had to recon to get to 1000 but the guy mentioned about a lot of accounts opened since 2011. However before I opened this card I opened 3 other accounts that haven't reported yet... Will I get AA'd? Im afraid I will lol.
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Re: Barclays

Congrats on your approval!!!!


No you won't get AA'd now because they approved you already knowing you had new accounts.  I hear the magic number is 6 months with Barclays before you apply for new accounts.  I guess that means you are out of the woods after that.  However this a a YMMV situation.


I have opened at least 8 different cards since I've had Barclays since Sept and nothing has happened yet.....crossing my fingers because this is my 6th month now Smiley Happy.  But they have been sp'ing me so they do know about the cards.


But i have gotten other cards 4 times the limit of my Barclays so if they shut me down then oh well.  

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