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I apped last night for the Barclays Virgin America Card. I love the rewards, but was instantly denied, because of high UTL. I am at about 14%. I called today to speak to an analyst and she asked a few questions, review my report and came back on the the line an approved me. I have never reconed before but after reading these threads I realized I got an INQ and I have nothing to loose. So I followed everyone else's steps and it worked!

They just wanted to know why my balances went up 6% over the past 3 months and I told them about the remodeling we did in our home and also said if you notice the high balance that is reported, it was bought down over 50% and she said that is a good reason:-)

Thanks to everyone. I would have never reconed if I did not read all of your posts Smiley Happy

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Re: Barclays

Very nicely handled, kudos to you, CONGRATS!!

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