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Benefit of reallocating credit lines


Benefit of reallocating credit lines

So the Amex 3x game has been kind to me and I have an Everyday sitting at 18k and 6 months ago opened a Delta with a SL of 4k. Everyday is currently my highest line with Discover being 2nd at 13k. I was thinking of moving 6k to Delta and my question is would it be better to have one card near 20k or having a few cards at/over 10k. Or does it really make no difference at all?

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Re: Benefit of reallocating credit lines

First clarification: How long has the ED had the $18k limit?

What was the history of timing those increases?

Any other AMEX you have asked for an increase in limit, in the last 180 days?

Congrats in advance on getting it to $18k.


if there has been no AMEX CLI for 180 days, you could ask directly to CLI the Delta card.


Depending on the age  ( seasoning ) of the ED limit, some of that may be reallocable.


If you plan on running substantial spend through the Delta card, the “per card utilization“ factor in FICO scoring can be helped by having a higher limit. But utilization is a measure that adjusts as the amount goes up or down. 

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