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Best Available Terms

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Best Available Terms

If you don't receive the best available terms, are they required to tell you why? For example, if you received a higher interest rate.


I'm pretty sure they have to give you a credit score, if one was pulled. I know you can request a copy of your credit report for free, but I'm not sure if the issuing bank is required to tell you why.

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Re: Best Available Terms

yes, I actually just got a letter on my new PayPal MC I believe sayingn we will be sending a letter of why you did not receive our best APR... that was actually the first I had heard of it... still worthless to me, it's like why you were denied, the computer picks them... when I use to do mortgages way back when we had to send them 3 reason why we denied... well I worked for a broker, we didn't actually deny the banks we worked with did... now I understood why they were denied so I could click actually things that made sense but I had about 15 reasons to click and only needed 3! it's like auto feedback on Ebay!!! "Thanks Great Buyer, come back soon!" sure they only paid 14 days after they won auction, would I personally say good buyer? no but the system says yes based on any payment coming through!

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