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Best BT card for me - UPDATED

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Re: Best BT card for me??

I apped for Barclays US dividend miles card. Was approved. But... Wait for it. $1000 seems like that's the magic number. I asked for more but the guy said he was only going to match my discover as he said my citi card was showing a 90% Balance. I said hold on. I've paid that when is this credit report from? He says possible a few weeks now. I told him its all paid & at 0 balance at it should of been reported now as my statement date was the 12 of October. He said its staying at $1000.

Little gutted they couldn't match my other cards or higher. He said try back in a few months.

Another thing. I called chase & asked about the BT & possible increase to match my freedom card. They said it would be another HP and also informed me that I have no BT offer & no introduction rate at 0%. That can't be right??
I called back up & another CSR said it takes 48 hours to show the offers??
What's going on here??

I also asked about a CLI on my freedom with that HP & he said its not possible.

Can someone advise me what to do?

I got two cards. Both we too small limits to do any BT & not even to even buy my flight ticket to the UK so I can go see my family.

It seems all confusing to me.


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Re: Best BT card for me??

eeekkk, looks like you got bamboozled....


hm. I know it does take a while for the 0% apr offers to show up. Mine didn't show up on Freedom for a day or two.....

but call Barclay's again... the backdoor num and try to get a cli. I think the reps make the decision as to whether or not you get a hard or sp. Your util on that one card could be hurting you... but with most credit anaylysts, ymmv. I think it depends on their moods.. LOL I've had really nice ones, and I've had really bad ones....

maybe just call a time or two more lol Just tell them you really are wanting to pay down your debt and need a higher limit to satisfy your balance transfers (basically consolidating your cc debt).

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