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Best BT card recommendations???

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Re: Best BT card recommendations???

I have 6 or so credit cards and honestly, the only card I can rely on to give me BT offers is Discover. They consistently have offers available. Occasionally I'll receive a BT offer on my chase amazon, which is all I use that card for due to it having a higher int. rate than my other cards. I recently moved a chase no name card over to the chase freedom, so I'm not sure if they'll send any offers through there. My Chase ink never gets bt offers and I opened a cap one cash rewards account expecting a bt offer, but not on there either.  I did app for the slate because of the no fee bt, so that seems like a good option as well, however there aren't many other useful perks to that card. Good luck!

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Re: Best BT card recommendations???

Don't forget that you usually can't balance transfer within the same bank

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Re: Best BT card recommendations???



To my knowledge NFCU never charges an BT fee, and  balance transfers are at the same rate as consumer purchases. They are pretty much my favorite card. If you can qualify for membership, it's well worth establishing a relationship with them.


They have set membership criteria, which you can find here:

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