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Best Balance Transfer Card for approval of $13,000 or more

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Re: Best Balance Transfer Card for approval of $13,000 or more

Just to follow up in case anyone was wondering, I have applied and received three offers in which I plan to apply the debt from my NFCU card to.


Three offers I received:

1. BB&T Bright: $6500 limit 

2. BOA Americard: $5000 limit

3. Discover IT Card: $4200 limit


My main goal is to have my debt completely paid off in as little time possible and with no interest and I hope this will allow me to do so. I haven't used my NFCU in months, so transitioning and not using the cards won't be difficult. Like most with credit card debt, I'm just tired of seeing so much wasted on a monthly bill.

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Re: Best Balance Transfer Card for approval of $13,000 or more

I don't think Disco will budge but, what you could do is call up BBT / BOA and tell them you're planning a large BT and see if they'll up the limits a bit more from the approval amount to give you a more breathing room on the UTIL front.


BBT - 

Bankcard Services at 800-476-4228
Option 4 is for a new accounts.
6am-12 midnight Monday-Saturday.


BofA:  866-618-4585 (Sr Credit Analyst)


The reason I say this is w/ Uber I got approved for 11K and called them the same day and got it bumped to 25K w/ a 2 min phone call.

500K+ TCL / 800+ FCOs
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