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Best Buy - A lesson in paying attention

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Best Buy - A lesson in paying attention

Bedroom TV went belly up a few days after Christmas. Bought a new one at Best Buy and opted for the 18 months no interest option.


Mr. Gamegrrl comes home with the receipt and I look it over with my eagle eye, per normal, and notice that they gave us the "extra points" rather than the no interest option. I call them up, and they tell me Mr. Gamegrrl must come in to the store to "fix it". He does, and the girl at the Customer Service desk clicks on her keyboard and tells him it's all taken care of. I monitor the account, and after several days I call them up again, as no change is showing on the account. They say they can fix it over the phone, saying that my account should reflect the change the next business day.


Yeah. No.


It took another two phonecalls and three emails to get it fixed. Two weeks of having to deal with this.


So then my statement comes. LOL! I see a charge of $2.29. WTH? Another phone call and I learn that it's a "Debt Protection" service. That we didn't request. It was just arbitrarily added to the purchase. Needless to say, I have put an end to that. I can't believe they can just do that!


I should have just paid cash for the stupid TV. I am paying it off today anyway. I just thought with the 18 mos/0% interest that it would be a perfect way to keep my credit card usage healthy for my credit score, as I don't typically carry a balance on any of my cards. It's not worth the hassle, and now I don't trust them at all.


LESSON: Don't just assume that your credit card statement is correct. And even when they've erected a virtual obstacle course to prevent you from fixing the situation (provided you even noticed the situation in the first place), don't give up. And, for me, it also means they have lost my future business. Best Buy used to be so awesome. How the mighty have fallen.



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Re: Best Buy - A lesson in paying attention

I worked for this retailer many many years ago and the easiest solution to your first issue would be a return / rebuy situation, otherwise they would need to contact Citi internally to get you swapped to financing. That would of been the end to it, in terms of the debt cancellation thing that was something you would of had to check a box and sign for it while signing up for your Best Buy credit card so if you have had your card for a while it was already there, if you just got your card then you may have glazed over it. It's a good thing you caught all the errors quickly though otherwise this would of been a nightmare to fix.

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Re: Best Buy - A lesson in paying attention

Yes, it did show up as a return/rebuy on our account. The clerk apparently neglected to make the change that was the whole reason for the return/rebuy: The special financing. No new receipt was issued/given to Mr. Gamegrrl. He signed nothing at the store. The original receipt was simply handed back to him with a "There you go! All fixed!".


I've had my Best Buy card for a number of years, and have never had that charge show up before. This is, however, the first tiime I've used the card since they switched to Citi (it was HSBC before). I always decline that sort of coverage from the get-go, anyway.


The whole process just made me cranky. When you add in my time spent on mopping up this mess, the darn TV cost at least twice the cash outlay. LOL!

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