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Best Buy CCs

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Re: Best Buy CCs

vonMannstein wrote:

Below is the link for the pre-qual site:


It's listed in the "Others" group on the HSBC credit card page.


Thanks.  Apparently I'm only eligible for their secured Reward Zone MC which I didn't even know they offered as a secured card.  $35 AF so I guess I will pass & no point in continuing to pick out a computer to buy.  Wonder if I would have better luck with their regular store CC but I know it is backed by HSBC too.  Normally I can't get approved for cards from HSBC as I have a previous charge-off with them. 
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Re: Best Buy CCs

The store card is considered more difficult to get than the MC. It also has several tiers (A plan, B plan). I think A plans will grow with you, B plans won't.
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