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Best Buy CLI

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Re: Best Buy CLI

When I received my card and register my account online, I clicked on the luv button and they gave me a $300 CLI without using the card for the first time.
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Re: Best Buy CLI

Just clicked the button from 4,300 to 7,800!  Woohoo!  I knew I was around the 6 month mark since my last one but I clicked it last week and got the "it hasn't been 6 months message"  I was pretty surprised with the generous increase, I've used it once for 180.00  Smiley Surprised
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8/15/2011 TU: 766 ~ EQ: 783 ~ EX: 753 (psecu)
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Re: Best Buy CLI

Hey guys...just received my card the other day.  To my suprise I received the BB MC.  I thought it would be the store card.  I'm not for sure about the luv buton.  Thought I might should wait for a CLI.  My initial limit is $300. 



Thanks for the info....


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Re: Best Buy CLI

Just got some REAL LUV from BB Store card.


After reading this thread I decided to give the online luv button a try. 

"Your current credit limit is $4,200, would you like to apply for a Credit Line Increase"?  It asked. 


Why YES, as a matter of fact I would (I thought, as I gingerly pressed the "Yes" button). 


The screen changed INSTANTLY and said "

You have been approved for a Credit Line Increase from $4,200 to $8,400.  Would you like to accept this increase"?


After some careful thought, I decided to accept their offer (about .001 second), and pressed the "Yes" button.


"Congratulations" it said.  "Your new credit limit is now $8,400.  You may begin shopping with your new credit limit immedietely at Best Buy".


WooooooHooooooo . . . . I've never seen a 100% CLI anywhere  . . . . Smiley Surprised 

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Re: Best Buy CLI

Just got som luv from Best Buy!


Have a store card and have had a $2k limit since I opened the card in December 07. Bought about 1500 worth of audio equip at 0% financing for 24 months...been slowly paying it off, so util has been high (was denied luv before when util was at 75% or so...before I knew better)...recently brough util around 47% (yes, the remainder will be easily paid off before the 0% offer ends)...decided to hit the luv button...and CLI to $2,600. 


Anything helps with overall util...I'll take it.  

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Re: Best Buy CLI

Congrats on the CLI's everyone! I have to wait until Sep. 28 since it's been six months since my last CLI. I'm anxious to see how large of a CLI they're going to approve me for.
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Re: Best Buy CLI

When they say every six months you are eligible for an credit line increase, they mean it.  Not a minute early. :-)


My last increase was on 03/28/09 and when I hit the luv button last week and they denied my request.  I called customer service to find out what happened and they said increases are allowed every six months.

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Re: Best Buy CLI

Hello all


Love the forum! Very useful!


I received the BB MC in May 09, the increased me $300 in August, (total of $800)


But again, this is the BB MC, not the BB store card.

"Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into" Ollie
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Re: Best Buy CLI

Congrats on the CLI! That's a great card to build/rebuild your credit with.
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Re: Best Buy CLI

What CR did they pull, and what was your score at the time?
-800 or Bust...!
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