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Best Buy Card

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Re: Best Buy Card

id say go for it. you can recon your initial CL when approved.

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Re: Best Buy Card

kwinks wrote:
I would skeptical of a card that has changed who is backed by like 3 or 4 times. It is being bought out by Citigroup so it won't be backed by capital one for long. I don't think this company is going to last too much longer. Something is obviously wrong if it keeps getting handed over to another ccc.

Just my two cents. You can do as you please Smiley Happy

Actually, the company is making enough money overseas to last at least 10 years even if the "American" Best Buy was bankrupt now..

Their shares are also up by $15 in the past 2 months. this shows at least an interest I'd believe?

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Re: Best Buy Card

Decisions decisions! Lol I guess another reason why I am hesitant, is in addition to getting some new appliances we're gonna have to get some new furniture (upgrading from a one bedroom) for the new place and I know I would definitely like to take advantage of a furniture store credit to get 0%, and I've got my eye on the CSP...just trying to minimize the number of inquiries.


I've even thought of just putting our Best Buy purchases on another card that I already have so that at least we get the employee discount, but then we don't get the 0%! And yes we have the cash to pay but the timing of the move didn't pan out too well so we're gonna already be paying rent essentially for two places next month, on top of a vacation that was already scheduled way last year before we decided to next month will just be an unusually high spending month and would rather not add more on top of it so having the ability to pay over time would make me feel better.


Let me add this to the discussion...we're hoping to move into a house around next summer. If I do all these inquiries now will that hurt my home loan application (we want to build so lets say we would have to apply maybe beginning of 2014)? I know from other boards that during the home loan process they do not want to see any inquiries, but what about before?

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Re: Best Buy Card

BTW...can someone confirm whether or not it was one HP or three as typical for Capital One? Someone said they thought it was just one but they weren't sure.

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Re: Best Buy Card

I was just approved for this card 2 weeks ago.  it was only 1 hard pull on EQ in store.  1500CL.  upon getting card in the mail I set up the online access to the account and hit the CLI button imput my income info and they gave me another 700 bringing total to 2200.  the cli was a soft pull

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Re: Best Buy Card

Thanks for the info ninjamike81!

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Re: Best Buy Card

OK, here is another slightly off tip. If you have discover or can get approved for discover, you probably don't want Best Buy card. Discover has flat 5% cash back on best buy when you order online from discover site.


I always order everything online and choose store pickup. This way I get my 5% as-well-as 2% RZ points.


If your key reason to get a bestbuy card is finance, that's a different thing.

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