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Best Buy MasterCard is now the "Prime" Card?!

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Re: Best Buy MasterCard is now the "Prime" Card?!

NJTurnpike wrote:

I wonder if GE is backing the private label card.

No Capital one is.

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Re: Best Buy MasterCard is now the "Prime" Card?!

Creditaddict wrote:

Ron1 wrote:

Best Buy RZMC Platinum with No AF 17.99% has been prime for years.  Not too many people get approved for the card.  




I had about the same usual "great" customer service as usual from Household and Capital One!"

She gave me the script of "The economy does not allow Capital One to offer lower rates than 22.99% on my account"


UMM... The economy is currently offering 17.99% on new accounts!

I think they meant it is the best rate for your card. By the way, they read from the script.




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Re: Best Buy MasterCard is now the "Prime" Card?!

BearsAndTurtlesRtheBest wrote:

I would want the MC Platinum version! But not everyone gets it Smiley Sad

Yes, it is. I got lucky. I was able to get approved for the card.  I hope they're not going to close my BB RZMC Platinum when they truned into Citi. I would want to keep both of my store card and RZMC Platinum.




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Re: Best Buy MasterCard is now the "Prime" Card?!

Creditaddict wrote:

Creditaddict wrote:

mxp114 wrote:

Been that way for a few years and they began publicly outlining the process since last summer or fall. I think the consideration matrix is Platinum RZMC, Gold RZMC $0 AF, Private Label A/B then Gold RZMC AF edition.

I have had the Gold No AF MC and I would not call it anything prime!

The only thing prime about it when I got it was the $0 AF, it was a new thing they had just did then, but that was still when it was HSBC and it was the sub-prime product.

I have not heard of anyone getting upgraded out of store to MC so I'm unclear of how they are changing what I call mind set of the Rewards Zone MasterCard from Best Buy NOT being prime except the few acceptions I have seen on here with $10k+ lines.

Foot in mouth... OMG you have a $25k limit but FURTHER MORE you have a $40k limit with Discover?!???



How long have you had?

Financial review at some point or just long long history to get you there?

requests mostly or auto mostly?

My Discover is just two years old, and I explain how on another thread if you want to read about it lol Yeah I was going to just ask for $25k but even that required dox and verification of employment and income, so I decided to reach for the stars Smiley Wink

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Re: Best Buy MasterCard is now the "Prime" Card?!

I was approved for the BB store card back in Feb with no AF and a CL of $2500. I wonder if my history with Orchard and the Cap1 Cash Rewards card helped.
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