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Best Buy Mastercard

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Best Buy Mastercard

I tried to email customer service to request a credit limit increase, and I was told I would need to call. So when I did, the agent asked if it was ok to pull my credit so they can do it, and I said ok, and then he told me I was declined and would get a letter.


So when I got my letter the reason I was declined was because it said my card was not eligible for a credit increase. Is it ok for the card to ask to pull my credit report and then tell me that? Why wouldn't they just tell me my card is not elegible. 


I tried to look for a backdoor number to ask, but it seems like it's for the best buy store card, and not the Mastercard one run by Orchard bank.


Any suggestions?

Credit Scores Currently: T: 746, Eq: 674, Ex: 646 as of 4.20.09
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Re: Best Buy Mastercard

It sucks, i know, but yes, they are well within their right to do this. They asked for permission, you consented, they responded to your request. They asked to pull your credit to see where you stand with your creditors now as opposed to when you applied for the card. The response seems like a very general one they offer--they don't tell you why youre not eligible, just that you arent. It can either be the length of history of the card or something they didnt like with your other creditors.
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