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Best Buy= No luv

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Re: Best Buy= No luv

Geezz.. this is a bumber. Best Buy giving no LUV. There goes my hopes for a TV anytime soon. I was due for a CLI this week.

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Re: Best Buy= No luv

They arent giving any cli due to the 2/22 law changes. If only they would have taken my payment out sooner
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Re: Best Buy= No luv

This isn't really related to the topic, but I wouldn't buy a TV from Best Buy (way too expensive).  You should go into the store to see what model you like, write down the model # and then buy it off the web from stores like amazon, tigerdirect or newegg.  Most if not all offer similar financing options/promotions (Newegg and Tigerdirect use CIT bank) I think.. and well it would be tough to get GE Money to give a big enough limit to purchase a TV through amazon. 


But if you qualify for their cards, that would save you 500+ on TV's... not to mention most of these places ship for a small fee or even free.

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Re: Best Buy= No luv

Wow thanks i will definetly do that instead
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