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Best Buy Pre approval???

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Re: Best Buy Pre approval???

My wife went ahead and applied for a Bestbuy CC, and she was declined for too much DEBT to INcome Ratio

she did not place my added income in and i feel like thety added her school loans in the mix even though thwey are defferred is that good enough to maybe call the recon number for ????

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Re: Best Buy Pre approval???

you can't recon HSBC.

and to the other poster about burning HSBC and not being able to get the best buy card.. that's wrong, I just got the Gold BBMC last week and I have burned HSBC in each of my 2 bankruptcies.

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Re: Best Buy Pre approval???

I was just approved for the gold BBMC Friday with no annual fee and $1500 CL

Starting Score: 580
Current Score: 720
Goal Score: 800

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Re: Best Buy Pre approval???

Damm, I pre-qualified for the Gold card and even though I'm a Best Buy groupie and would LOVE to pull the trigger and hit the apply button I'm going to have to pass and continue 'gardening' for the remainder of the year. Between some of the lates that are falling off of my credit reports this year and some of the inquiries reaching the one year mark and losing their negative impact on my scores I'm looking (hoping) to see some decent score increases before the end of the year.


Congratulations! The information you provided us has pre-qualified you for the following credit card offer(s).

  • The power of Gold while continuing to build your credit
  • Includes MasterCard PayPass for you to Tap & GoTM
  • No Processing Fee
  • 100% Fraud Liability Protection
  • Free online account access
  • $0 Annual Fee
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Re: Best Buy Pre approval???

So I figured that before I stopped applying for cards or anything for that matter for the next year I would apply for the bbrz card- got pre-approved for gold, took the bullet and got a $100 cl- not much but I'm ok with that- eventually hsbc will start doing cli- plus there is no af, so its not like I'm losing $
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