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Best Buy Rewardzone MC CLI finally

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Best Buy Rewardzone MC CLI finally

Got the card in 03/2010 with $300 limit when my scores were much lower.  Have applied for a CLI on several occasions without luck.  I tried it again just now and boom, $300 CLI!  I don't have an annual fee, so I will be keeping this account open.


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Re: Best Buy Rewardzone MC CLI finally

I would love to close my BB Rewardszone MC if I could figure out  how badly it would hurt my AAoA. Right now I'm sitting at 2 yrs AAoA per TU report.  I opened it  in Nov 2011 and can't  get them to do a CLI so here I sit with a 300 CL and an annual fee of 39 bucks. Everytime I go in Best Buy I end up having to use my AMX Zinc or Citi Preferred because the limit is so low on their card.



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Re: Best Buy Rewardzone MC CLI finally

This is one of the cards I want so I can maximize my rewards.

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Re: Best Buy Rewardzone MC CLI finally

braydon, the card will continue to report even after it is closed (for 10 years).  I have several loans that are about 7-10 years old that still show up, ditch the card if you have really no need for it; but your age will just keep getting better on the card!!!

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Re: Best Buy Rewardzone MC CLI finally

Thanks for the adviseSmiley Happy Its not that I don't want the card its just I can't see paying an annual fee with a limit of 300. I did call them and got the run around she told me I had to keep the card open for a year before they would do a CLI or drop the annual fee. I have other cards to use so if thats the way it is then I'm going to drop them because at this point I feel like I'm working for them and not the other way around.

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