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Best Buy Rewardzone Mastercard

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Re: Best Buy Rewardzone Mastercard

I got a CLI from 450 to 750 last month. I've had the card since Jan '10. I've been using it on and off usually PIF.

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Re: Best Buy Rewardzone Mastercard

Opened my BBRZ card in 2008 with $400 CL.  Since then, I've received two sepearate CLI for $100 each so now I'm at a WHOPPING $600 CL!  I've carried balances on it, I've pif.  No recent (in the last year) CLI. 


If you are going to do a Best Buy card, app for the store card.  I hear that one at least grows with you.  It's also backed by HSBC though. 

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Re: Best Buy Rewardzone Mastercard

Weird...are CL's this low to start with lateley??


My card opened @ $2K but, I agree with others, it has NOT increased in the 2 or 3 years I have had it.  (Though, in all fairness, I never bothered asking as I never required more)

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Re: Best Buy Rewardzone Mastercard

They have gotten real stingy in the past year. Seriously makes me frown on bestbuy too. I don't even shop there anymore. Geeksquad is a rip off anyways and so is a lot of the prices. 

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Re: Best Buy Rewardzone Mastercard

I called them the other day, she claimed I needed to have the account for 1 year and then they would review it. Also, if at that one year I was not giving an auto CLI I could request one but it would be a hard pull.  It's PIF and just sitting here.

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