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Best Buy new offer.


Re: Best Buy new offer.

ryanbush wrote:

Mike360 wrote:

jsickz32 wrote:
Its bull**bleep**. I found the samsung fridge i wanted at lowes for 2800. Same fridge was 3600 at Bestbuy. Being a bestbuy fan i wanted to buy it at BB so i went there to ask them to match the price. After waiting 20 mins they told me they didnt wanna match the price. The best they offered me was $50 off! Yes $50!!

And right there is when you show them who's the boss and tell them to follow policy. All it takes is one phone call to head offices to set them straight. I had to do it months ago at walmart because the idiot managers didn't know the store policy so i had to make a scene.

The policy just started yesterday, i'm sure it wouldn't be an issue now.

Love the avatar.

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