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Best Buy store bad, backdoor numbers good

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Best Buy store bad, backdoor numbers good

So, I needed a new computer and I decided to go to Best Buy. I have cards that I could use to buy it but I decided to go ahead and app for their cc.


They have a computer set up where you can input your info and it will let you know if you quialify and for how much. So I input my data and it says that I need to speak to a rep that some information needs to be verified. So I tell the girl at the finance counter what it said and she said I will get a letter by mail.


I know its not that I didnt qualify but she said it like i didnt so I call the backdoor numbers and the rep told me that they needed to verify address information since I am making the purchase in texas and I live in Georgia. After the verification I get approved and go to another Best Buy and get the computer. Myfico is the best. Without the backdoor nuymbers I would have just left and wasted an inquiry

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Re: Best Buy store bad, backdoor numbers good

Congrats on the approval.
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