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Best Buy store card w/Capital One

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Re: Best Buy store card w/Capital One

Weights wrote:

lol, all these mixed comments are really having me wonder whether I should actually let Crap one consider me for this card or not. I mean, if I apply and only get a low limit, what's the point? BTW, my credit profile is as follows for those who are wondering: EQ-750, TU-760, one new account in last year, 2% utilization, no baddies, highest limit is Chase Sapphire preferred at $10K, and equifax has 2 inquiries within the last year.  Still, you never seem to know with Crap One it seems...


After reading that (IF those numbers are FICOs), I'd have to say if you really want the card, wait until you're thinking of buying something there that you'd use the long term 0% deal for.  Then go in store, talk to a rep, knowing what you're thinking of buying and then you're chances of a higher limit (that you obviously deserve it seems) are much better.   I've heard others have had better success that way than just applying "cold" ...


I would think you'd easily be granted up to 5k under that scenario but that's just my opinion, not a guarantee.  They seldom check all 3 CB's with stats like yours frankly.   You might want to wait until they're near the black Friday deals time frame though, that can only increase your chances of getting what  you're looking for IMHO.


The sales reps don't work on commission so if you're looking, but mention to them you'll take the financing offer & CL they give you into consideration while you shop other stores, you don't have to buy right then (since you're in BB anyway you can get it out of the way) and then come back later if you can't beat their deal elsewhere. Just find a good sales rep you feel will work with you on it (they exist, good ones will take the time to answer questions and do what they can to help, the person should be fairly focused on you unless they're busy).  Frankly, I was AMAZED at how well I was treated by one rep in another state, he made me feel like I was spending 10k in there but I was only getting a couple hundred or so worth of digital camera stuff that was on special (saved about 50% and got free extras HE told me about).   Reminds me I should find the receipt with his name on it (I'll remember it if I see it to be sure) and write the company how impressed I was by him.  He was even able to politely juggle 2 other customers, getting other people for them while never making me feel I was being placed on hold.  THAT is priceless to any business.


Actually, I don't have to look for the receipt for his name, it was Esteban now that I think of it, I'm just not sure of the exact spelling. That was 2 months ago so I was obvsiouly impressed.

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