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Best CC for Balance Transfer


Re: Best CC for Balance Transfer

@butta_8 wrote:

Can anyone tell me what good CC options for balance transfer? I have about 3k debt on my macy/amex card that I would like to transfer to pay off within 12-24 months without any interest. If app requirements are available, please let me know also.

Have you ever requested a CLI on either of your Macy's lines?   I'd highly recommend doing so and letting the new CLs post before applying.  IMHO, you'll probably have better luck with your store line than your AMEX line, but you may as well try both.  

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Re: Best CC for Balance Transfer

Thanks. I requested a CLI for both lines and was approved. 1K increase on the store line and 800 on the AMEX.

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Re: Best CC for Balance Transfer

This brings you down to 24% on the Macy's account and 63% on the AMEX account. I think you're probably OK to apply. If you're denied, you can try again when your AMEX balance is in the $1,500 range.

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Re: Best CC for Balance Transfer

I think you should apply for a card.
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Only one app would be interesting now, Platinum 100k, but Gold + Delta Reserve + SPG Luxury + Hilton Aspire covers a lot of ground. Useful cards: Hyatt and Diners and Altitude Reserve. Ch United maybe, on a lark, but not many other apps are necessary. Chase Trifecta is useful, but I'm not sure how long.
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