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Best Card for a Student

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Re: Best Card for a Student

savmeformyse wrote:

Thanks I am just afraid to have an inq. I already have two from when I applied for a discover and statefarm student card one in DEC and the other JAN. I was denied My scores have not really improve but utilization went down and I got a collection removed. So since I have been denied from them I really don't no of another company with decent limits to apply for.


I don't blame you for not wanting to waste another inquiry. You should have a better chance now with your utilization lower and a collection removed...too bad that didn't happen before you apped for Discover and State Farm. It's a good lesson in repairing before rebuilding. Is there anything else to repair on your reports?


If I were you, I'd try some of the pre-approval sites like CapOne. Many of the cc companies have pre-approval sites. Of course, if you get a hit on one, it doesn't mean that you will be approved for sure, but it at least gives you an idea of which companies to avoid. If you don't get a positive on a pre-app site, you likely won't get approval with the real deal.


Also, as pointed out by another poster, there's nothing wrong with starting out with a store card. My Sears, for example, is now a Sears Citi MasterCard. Many times the store cards turn into general cards eventually. Do a lot of research first on any card you may think of apping for. Come back here to the forums and find out what posters' experiences have been with the card you're targeting. Take your time and plan strategically.

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Re: Best Card for a Student

ThanksSmiley Happy I applied for a best buy card but was denied I thought that they would approve me since I already have an account with HSBC/ORCHARD. They told me it was because of my account history which I have had the card for two and a half years with no lates. Theycould not give me a good reason as to why I was denied but suggested I reapply.They aren't offering any CLI so I really am ready to move on from them"HSBC".

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