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Best Card we can get?

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Best Card we can get?

My wife has FICOs ranging from 740-765 (from mortgage pull last month). Her util is about 25%, AAoA about 6 years, and no baddies on her report at all.


She needs a good card that provides a reasonable credit limit, and potentially a low/0% interest BT option.




Current cards -


Chase Disney Visa - $500 limit

Home Depot - $6,000

AU on my AMEX Blue -$6,400 limit



Starting Score: 627 EQ, 621 TU - 11/15/08
Current Score: 778 EQ, 781 TU, 778 EXP 07/20/12 Lender Pull
Goal Score: 800 EQ & TU

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Re: Best Card we can get?

Please check-out the New Credit Card Center at myFICO. Its just LOADED with information.                                           

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Re: Best Card we can get?

Last Nov, I apped for the Nationwide bank Visa.  The pull (nearly exclusively) TU.


730ish FICO

48% util on cards

0 inq's

AAoA - about 3 yrs


I was approved for 10k .....which they upped to 11500 without askingin May

11% apr,

0% BT for 6 mos....I used it for about 4k & I had a flat $75 fee


Everyone gets 0% apr on all auto related purchases for 12 mos from date of purchase.  This can be a tank of gas or a full dent repair & paint job.  I like this feature, as I drive 500 mi every week for work.  Should something happen, I can use this for emergency & have a year before the interest kicks in. (unsure if int is pro rated at the end)


So, this is my example for you.  With several of her factors sitting in a nicer place than mine, she's sure to get a better limit, & better int rate.  She may even have a better BT deal.


Hope this helps.....Smiley Happy

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Current Score: 12/2017 TU 779 - EQ 779 - EX 782
Goal Score: 850

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