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Best Cash Back Cards

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Best Cash Back Cards



Between Chase Freedom, Amex BCE/BCP, Discover and US Bank's Cash cards, which is the best? I'm looking for a cash back card that provides gas rewards.


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Re: Best Cash Back Cards

Highest Gas Cash Back or Equivalent is from PenFed.


AMEX BCP is okay at 3% and so is BofA 123 at 3%


Chase Freedom and Discover is problematic since it is quarterly bonus categories.


US Bank Cash+ isn't great card on its own given gas is max 2% and 5% categories are narrow.


However best combo of cash cards requires combo of cards.  With combo, Cash+ and Freedom/Discover become very valuable.


Good idea is to get base cash card like FIA Amex at 2% across the board or Priceline at 2%.



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Re: Best Cash Back Cards

I am having discover and loving 5% cashback on almost all websites i shop...

Walmart TU-724 on 12-2012
EX-707 on 08-2012
EQ-668on 08-2012
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